Alisa was born in Arizona, grew up on the coast of California but later in life migrated to the Midwest where she's called home ever since. Lifestyle photographer, editor, go-getter, and dream-seeker, living a creative life is what she's all about. A strong believer in the understanding that we were all created with great purpose + with such unique gifts to share with the world. She finds so much beauty in pursuing genuine relationships and documenting people in their truest form. In serving others and finding grace in the imperfections. She thrives on exploring new places, enjoying the quiet moments and finding joy in everything in-between.

Fun Facts About Alisa:

- Studied abroad in Finland for one year
- Guilty pleasure snack: anything with peanut butter and chocolate
- More of a dog person
- Music enthusiast and is constantly building new Spotify playlists
- She grew up on the coast of California
- Loves a good craft beer (x2)


Katie was born and raised in the western part of Illinois. She has always been a creative dreamer. Writing, reading, and dancing have always been passions of hers. She attended College at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she received her degree in Elementary Education. She taught middle school math for 4 years, but ultimately decided it wasn’t for her and made a career switch to marketing and social media for a local business. In the time that she was teaching, she began her lifestyle blog Brewing Up Style, where she shares about her life to this day.

Fun Facts About Katie:

- A licensed Scuba Diver
- Never says no to pizza
- More of a cat person
- Harry Potter is her favorite book
- She grew up on a farm
- Loves a good craft beer